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My family and I are proud to call Citrus County home.

My wife is a teacher in the Citrus County public schools and our daughters attend Citrus High School and the University of Florida. For the past thirteen years we have lived, worked, learned, biked, played, volunteered and prayed here in Citrus County.


I have been in positions of leadership - both within the legal community and in the general community for the past 20 years and I have been in a leadership position here in Citrus County for the past seven years.  Over the course of my legal career, I have engaged in a wide variety of cases - including divorce and cases involving children, foreclosures, small claims and domestic violence injunctions.  I have practiced corporate law - including forming and serving as the clerk of several small corporations.  I have drafted both civil and criminal appeals and even had the honor of arguing a case before the federal First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.  I have handled virtually every type and degree of criminal case - from minor misdemeanor offenses to the most serious cases.  I am one of only two attorneys in Citrus County (Charlie Vaughn is the other) who is qualified to represent individuals in cases where the death penalty is being sought.  Over the course of my career, I have tried well over one hundred cases.

I have been the Chief Assistant Public Defender for Citrus County since 2015 - managing a law office of approximately 15 attorneys and support staff.  I have been responsible for all juvenile delinquency cases in Citrus County for over a decade and I am extremely proud of the work we in the judicial system have done with these troubled children.  I have represented many of these same children in truancy court and as part of the Unified Family Court system.  I am also very proud of the work I have done with our alternative courts - Teen Court, Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans' Court. 

I have been appointed to serve pro bono in my personal capacity in over two dozen guardianship cases - mostly involving adults who are alleged to be unable to care for their own needs. I have received numerous awards for the pro bono work that I did when I was in private practice. 

Over the course of my adult life, I have worked in all three branches of government - as an aide to a state legislator, as a public information specialist for a state agency and as a judicial law clerk.  I have a unique perspective on the role that our judiciary has within our system of government. 

I have held leadership positions in both county and state bar associations. I have been the President of the Citrus County Bar Association and I served as the Vice-Chair of the Family Law Section of the Maine State Bar.  I have chaired my local planning board and I have been actively involved in the community, in my church and in my  children's schools.

I worked a full time job while attending law school at night, and traveled over 90 miles each way to attend school several nights each week.

I am supported by individuals from all across the community, including business people and members of the legal community, and I have the support of people throughout the Citrus County court system - including prosecutors and defense attorneys, law enforcement, bailiffs and court clerks.

I have worked with individuals, families, children, veterans and businesses.  I understand the impact the courts can have on people’s lives and I have tremendous respect for our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

 I want to bring my lifetime of service and legal experience to serve the people of our community as Citrus County’s Judge.

I am asking for your vote on August 23.

 Ed’s exceptional qualities, character and ethics make him imminently qualified for Citrus County Judge.                                 ANGELA VICK, CITRUS COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS 
Ed believes, as I do, in seeking justice for the citizens of Citrus County. He is a strong defender of our Constitution and he will be a judge who follows the law.         MIKE PRENDERGAST, CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFF                                                                                       
Having served as a judge in our community, it is my firm belief that Ed will be an outstanding judge and a tremendous asset for the people of Citrus County.                     PATRICIA THOMAS, RETIRED CIRCUIT JUDGE               
 I have trusted Ed to lead my Citrus County office for the past seven years.  The people of Citrus County can trust that Ed will serve them well as their County Judge.            MIKE GRAVES, PUBLIC DEFENDER, FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT                                                               

Sheriff Mike Prendergast Endorses Ed Spaight 

Ed Spaight for Citrus County Judge


I am proud to endorse Ed Spaight for Citrus County Judge.

I have had the pleasure to see Ed serve Citrus County with excellence and distinction and I have the utmost confidence in his abilities.  Ed has all the credentials, experience and wisdom to be an outstanding County Judge. 

He has an excellent reputation as to his character and integrity, he possesses judicial temperament and is extremely well qualified.

Ed believes, as I do, in seeking justice for the citizens of Citrus County.  He is a strong defender of our Constitution and he will be a judge who follows the law. 

I encourage all of the citizens of Citrus County to join me in supporting Ed Spaight to serve as our next County Judge.

Mike Prendergast, Citrus County Sheriff








Mike Prendergast, Citrus County Sheriff

Angela Vick, Citrus County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Mike Graves, Public Defender, Fifth Judicial Circuit

John Spivey, Executive Assistant Public Defender, Fifth Judicial Circuit

Patricia Vitter Thomas, Retired Judge, Florida Fifth Judicial Circuit

Jimmie T. Smith, Former State Representative, Former Citrus County Commissioner

Scott & Pam Adams, Former Citrus County Commissioner

Aaron Baghdadi, Esq.

Alvin & Charity Braddock, Esq.

R Wesley Bradshaw, Esq.

Alex Choto

Hein De Beer

Anne & Mark Dera, CCSO

Christopher Di Camillo

Troy Hess, CCSO

Joseph Indelicato, Esq.

Hugh Lee, Esq.

Amanda Leyda, CCSO

J Patrick McElroy, Esq.

Dale Merrill, Esq.

Jack & Particia Moring, Esq.

Chase Palmes

John Novy, CCSO

Martha & John Rowe, USMC (Ret.)

Ed Serocki

Jason & Samantha Shephard

Alicia & Gary Smith, USAF (Ret.)

Andy Storandt

John & Mary Sullivan – former Citrus County Court Administrator

Tom Sullivan, CCSO

Joan & Brian Trehy, Esq.

Connie & Rick Vazquez

Jimmy & Mary White



Vote Ed Spaight

for Citrus County Judge

on August 23, 2022



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